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IT Grade 2

Computer Literacy learning programme
Grade 2

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Keyboard skills

1.       Layout of a keyboard.

1.1   Home row.

1.2   Number pad(Tux Maths)

2. Basic typing with both hands (tux typing.)

3. Touch typing.

Special keys.


1.       Opening a paint file.

2.       Writing Text in paint programme.

3.  Draw a circle and change line colour and size.

4.   Combine different shapes and tessellate

5.   Saving a file.

Typing text to word document.

i.Changing font size.

ii. Font type

iii.  Icon: bold, Italic and underline

iv. Aligning text.

v. Insert picture to a document

vi.  Resizing pic.

vii. Saving a document.


1.       Use of Encarta to search at pictures of animals.

2. Copy pictures from Encarta and paste them in word document.

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