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IT Grade 3

Computer Literacy learning programme

Grade 3

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
1.Parts o a computer

2. Keyboard skills

2.1   Number pad

2.2   Special key numbers lock.

2.3   Tux Maths to practice number pad

2.4   Finger practice(tux typing)

2.5   Space cadet to increase typing speed.

MS Word

A. Launching MS word Doc

B. Fonts

i. Changing font size.

ii.   Font type

iii. Icon: bold. Italic and underline

iv.                 Aligning text.

v.                   Insert picture to a document

vi.                 Resizing pic.

vii.                Saving a document.


1.       Browsing(different browsers)

2.       Search (1) Google(Work with SS teachers)

              (ii) Wikipedia.

(iii) Search their idols.

(iv) Copy and save pictures.

(v) Use pictures to set their screen saver.

Creating a sign or poster.

Create a greeting cards


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