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IT Grade 7

Computer Literacy learning programme (proposed)

Grade 7

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
A.      Computer components

B.      Touch typing

C.      Microsoft word

1.1   Making and naming a folder.

1.2   Opening a word document.

1.3   Saving a file into a folder.

1.4   Typing text to word document.

1.4.1          Changing font size.

1.4.2          Font type

1.4.3          Icon: bold. Italic and underline

1.4.4          Aligning text.

1.4.5          Insert picture to a document

1.4.6          Resizing pic.

1.4.7          Saving a document.

1.4.8          Insert rows &columns

1.4.9          Printing

Excel/Spreadsheet              (work with Maths teacher)

1.Opening Excel document

2. Naming and saving excel doc into a folder.

3. Merging and Resizing cells.

4. Typing into cells.

5. Arranging names in alphabetical order.

6. Input scores to cells.

7.Arrange data according to scores(highest/lowest)

7. Adding scores.

8. Graphical representation of data.

9. Use of If statement to determine learner performance.

MS PowerPoint (work with LO teachers)

1.Opening a PowerPoint doc

2. Putting a Title to a slide.

3. Inserting a new slide.

4. Typingcontent to slides.

5. Changing slide Background

6. Animation.


1.       Browsing(different browsers)

2.       Search (1) Google(Work with SS teachers)

              (ii) Wikipedia.

3.       Email

(i)                  Email address page.

(ii)                Registering (signup) an email addresses (yahoo or Gmail).

(iii)               Typing an email

(iv)              Attaching a document

(v)                Sending an email.

4.       Designing basic HTML webpage

(i)                  Heading

(ii)                Background colour

(iii)               Insert a picture to web page.

(iv)              Writing a paragraph.

(v)                Copyright footer.




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