About Us

 Our Motto

Sit Nomine Digna

FDR’s Vision

By instilling a sense of self value and achievement,we equip learners for effective citizenship within the world of tomorrow.

FDR’s Mission Statement

We aim to provide a holistic,moral education within a nurturing environment that creates a love of learning in every child and deep respect for the diversity of others.

Our History

Franklin D Roosevelt School was founded in 1952, thus, it celebrated it’s 50th anniversary in 2002. Shortly after the primary school was started, the high-school was opened. Dr P Becker, the acclaimed author, was the first principal of FDR Primary School. After Dr. Becker, Mr. Geoff Green took over. The Curriculum Centre is named after him.

Thereafter came Mrs. Murray. Mr. W.A. Harrison introduced computers to the school and also wrote the curriculum centre computer application which is still being used. Mr. Dave Becking took over from him and retired at the end of 2010. Mr Hilton Westlake is principal at present.

The reason for naming the school after one of the presidents of America is because of President Roosevelt’s resilience and strength of character despite adversities. President Roosevelt was crippled with polio at an early age, and despite the loss of the use of his legs, he guided and ruled a great country like America through one of the worst wars the world has ever seen.

‘Sit Nomine Digna’ – Be Worthy of the Name – is the School motto. It is most appropriate for a school named after such an illustrious former American President

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