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Every Care Centre child must report to the Care Centre immediately after school ends to have their names ticked off on the Register.

Homework Policy

  1. We provide the children with 1½ hours of supervised homework time from Monday to Thursday. We do our utmost to ensure that they understand and do their homework.

It is however not our sole responsibility to see that the homework is done.

Please note that No Homework is done on Friday, this is our Free Play Day to refresh the mind.

  1. Stationery such as: Dictionaries; Scissors; Sharpeners need not be bought every year.
  2. Also the same Dictionary that your child uses at school is the same one that should be used at After Care.
  3. The children also need to take responsibility for their own homework and it is compulsory that all learners report to the classroom to complete their homework or study during that time because that is what they are brought to the Care Centre for.
  4. Should homework not be completed during this time they are required to report directly to the ‘late homework class’ to finish their homework if it is incomplete after the standard homework class has ended at 15h45.
  5. The late homework class is also supervised by a teacher who can assist them in completing their tasks. Late Homework, starts after Snack Time at 16h00 untill around 16h30.
  6. In the same respect parents too need to share the responsibility and monitor that homework has actually been completed, that the diary has been signed and that the children have additional time at home to study for their tests and exams.
  7. Parents are also responsible to check the homework diary for any messages from the teacher, as well as to monitor their child’s merits and demerits.
  8. Homework is a combined effort of all the parties involved and the Care Centre cannot be held solely responsible for demerits for poorly done work, incomplete homework and/or poor test results.
  9. At the Care Centre, our aim is to see all our Care Centre children excelling both academically as well as on the sporting field.
  10. We appeal to every Care Centre parent to please check & revise homework with your child every night to ensure that all the work is completed & that any work that has fallen behind is caught up & is clearly understood.
  11. You are welcome to communicate directly with any of the Care Centre ladies if there is any matter that you would like us to address to do with your child’s homework.
  12. Grades 4-7: Please keep your dictionaries in your lockers, so you can use it both at School & after Care. Intersen Phase must have and utilise Highlighters & Colour Pens when making study notes.
  13. No Calculators allowed at After Care during Homework Time.(unless stated in the homework)

Rules And Regulations

  1. A compulsory, non-refundable administration fee of R250-00 is payable in advance once off. Every child will receive 2 x Care Centre T-shirts & a sun hat as part of the Care Centre Uniform. It is compulsory for every CC child to wear their shirts every afternoon. If the learner does not wear their T-shirt every day they will be restricted to play within the Care Centre only.
  2. Parents are to notify Care Centre Management directly, either in writing or telephonically on

083 762 7314 if a child will not be attending the Care Centre for any reason.

Whether a child attends the Care Centre on a regular basis or on a part time basis, they will all be marked accordingly on the sign-out register. In the case of an absent child an “A” will be marked on the register.

  1. Every Care Centre child must report to the Care Centre immediately after school ends to have their names ticked off on the main sign-out register.
  2. Care Centre children participating in extra mural activities must first report to the Care Centre directly after school to register. They will receive their lunch before the other children and will then be permitted to report to their respective trainers to commence their extra mural activity. If a child does not collect lunch before they attend their extra murals, there is a possibility that there may not be lunch available for them on their return in the afternoon.
  3. The Care Centre is not responsible for any child, if they should take it upon themselves to accompany a friend home without Rule 3 (above) having been complied with first.
  4. One calendar months notice is required in writing to the Care Centre for any termination of attendance.
  5. Should your child(Ren’s) attendance at the Care Centre be interrupted for 2 weeks or more, Care Centre Management needs to be notified in writing at least 2 weeks prior to the child’s absence, in order for you to qualify for a reduction in that months’ Care Centre Fees.
  6. Parents/Guardians must ensure that they sign the register every time they come to collect their child (Ren). If by chance a child has not been signed-out, the necessary procedures will be followed to investigate the whereabouts of the child for safety reasons. If a Parent/Guardian neglects to sign the register daily, a penalty of R20-00 will be charged.
  7. No child will be permitted to go home with any person other than those indicated on their application form, unless written or telephonic permission has been submitted to Care Centre Management from the relevant parent/guardian.
  8. Children are allowed to play on the sports field area near the Care Centre under the supervision of the Care Centre staff. Children are not allowed to wonder around the school buildings, tennis courts, and cricket net area or anywhere else without permission.

The Care Centre’s gate area at the road is strictly out of bounds to every child.

  1. No child is allowed out of the school grounds for ANY reason whatsoever without a member of the Care Centre Staff accompanying them, unless the child is being fetched and is accompanied by their parent/guardian.
  2. The Care Centre issues 2 Compulsory Sponsorship Forms (Term 1& 4)
  3. The Care Centre gate on Anreith Street is locked from 14h15 until 15h45 for security reasons. Parents fetching their child/ren during these times must please make use of the intercom at the pedestrian gate to gain access.
  4. The Care Centre closes at 17h30 daily. We grant you additional time until 18h00 for emergencies only. If you collect your child at 18h00 or anytime thereafter, for whatever reason, you will be charged a late collection fee of R100-00 for every 30 minutes you are late, rounded off to the nearest 30 minutes. So to avoid being fined please ensure you collect your child/ren on time in the afternoon/evening. No exceptions allowed

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