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We, at FDR Primary, have come to the realisation that ICT knowlLedge and skills will be critical in future. Majority of careers will be computer based. Most particularly computer coding or programming. Hence the need for learners to be problem solvers and critical thinkers. We therefore adopted CoderDojo Foundation programme. Our computer club is therefore recognised by Coderdojo international foundation. For more information visit CoderDojo

What is CoderDojo

CoderDojo Foundation is an international organisation with sole purpose of inculcate love for computer coding in learners  aged  7 – 17 years old.


World where every child has an opportunity to learn, to code and be creative in a fun, safe and social environment.


We have gather every Wednesday whereby learners are given opportunities to learn to code. Learners are given task based on their level of development.
Ninjas receive sushi cards as to show development.

Skills to be learnt

  1. Tell story using animation
  2. Creating games
  3. Making a web-page
  4. Introduction to JavaScript

Scratch Game made by Junaid
Catch Game

During a recent visit by Stephen Ozoigbo from Coderdojo Foudation

FDR Ninjas

Inculcating love for STEM among girl children

Teaching problem solving skills a fun way

Collaborative learning

Non frightening atmosphere

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