Grade 6 Mathematics June Exam Information

Dear Parents/Guardians

Please note that the Maths June examination date is 9 June 2015. Please ensure that your child studies according to guidelines stipulated below.

Yours in Education
Mr K Kasu

Grade 6 Mathematics Term 2 Exam Guidelines

  • Values of digits in whole numbers, expanded notation, writing numbers in digits, number sentences
  • Fractions – Lowest Common Multiple, equivalent fractions, writing common fractions as percentages, writing fractions in lowest terms, adding fractions with different denominators, adding mixed numbers, writing common fractions as decimals
  • Time: converting minutes to hours, decades and centuries
  • 2-D shapes – identifying quadrilaterals
  • Multiplication: 3-digit by 2-digit number, product, doubling, prime numbers, ratio and rate, Division: 4-digit by 2-digit number
  • Symmetry – lines of symmetry and reflection symmetry
  • Completing number patterns, completing geometric patterns, input and output flow diagrams
  • 3-D objects – naming them, vertices, edges, faces and types of angles which they have and nets of cubes
  • Data handling – interpreting pictographs, drawing tally table, finding mode of data
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