Good day Mr. Westlake. I was a founder pupil of the school. Dr.  Peter Bekker used a picture of an eagle to create the badge so I am entrenched in the schools history in this way. We had to attend temporary accomodation at the Louwgeldinghuis school whilst our classrooms were being constructed.

(One of my teachers was Mrs. Lund and I was “deeply in love with her! At age 8 years old or around there!)

I realise that this is a longshot but I am looking for the first name of a pupil whose surname was Scott-Dawkins. Would you have records going back that far? If so I would so appreciate the assistance. If not well I am sure that you would find my mail interesting anyway.

I am now 74 years of age and was a successful businessman retiring only at the age of 72!

All of the best to FDR! it was part of my foundation for life!

Regards, Alan Scott


New Zealand

It is a very interesting piece of history for the school.

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